Game On: Team Flash’s sim racing team takes lead in first two rounds of E1 championship

Sitting comfortably in first place, professional local esports organisation Team Flash’s recently established Sim Racing team is off to a great start this season at the E1 Championship.

The championship which began last Wednesday is the premiere sim racing tournament in Asia Pacific, comprising 28 racers from 14 teams and 11 countries vying for the chance to win a prize pool of US$15,000. The competition follows a format of two races per round, one being a 15 minute sprint and another being a 30 minute reverse grid race.

Taking on the first two tracks in Austria and Germany, team members Ar Muhammad Aleef, Jason Tay and Muhammad Thasbeeh put their best foot forward to clinch the top 5 spots in each race, giving Team Flash a combined score of 155 – 43 points above their second place opponent, Stratos. Aleef, who won three out of four races in the two is also at the top of the table in terms of individual standing with a score of 101.


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