Film: Singapore International Film Festival launches first-ever fundraising collaboration with Knuckles & Notch

Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) has announced its first-ever Fundraising Collaboration with local Risograph studio, Knuckles & Notch through a Limited Edition Risograph print, titled ‘Air Mata Kucing <3’. 

Over the years, SGIFF has become iconic in bringing a vibrant film experience to the city and a deeper appreciation of Singapore’s cinematic culture. Unbeknownst to most, SGIFF is a non-profit organisation that aims to serve as a platform to showcase the best of Southeast Asian and local film, whilst championing the continued growth of cinematic talent through SGIFF Film Academy – the region’s first holistic training initiative to support Southeast Asian film talents and nurture film appreciation among the audience.

Funds will help SGIFF to continue to bring quality independent films with engaging and inspiring stories to our community and its developmental programmes to nurture the next generation of Singaporean & Southeast Asian storytellers. Now, with every donation of $55 to SGIFF, supporters can support making a difference to cinema and receive a limited edition Knuckles & Notch risograph print inspired by some of the most iconic Southeast Asian films.

‘Air Mata Kucing <3’ is a commemoration of the Singapore film industry with its amalgamation of iconic film characters and legends. Depicted is a time warp – and merge – of significant moments from each of the 17 films obsessively watched, with a collage of different time periods, different directions, and intentions that takes the viewer back to specific scenes. It’s an immersion of stories, an insight into beloved characters, reinterpreted into a hodgepodge of cultures that mirrors the modern multicultural society of Singapore – all while offering a glimpse of the yesteryears through architectural and humanoid imagery. ‘Captured’ in the perspective of the filmmakers, the narrative, as they say, is up to the beholder. 

All donations are routed through, giving you not just an awesome art piece, but also makes you eligible for a 250% tax deduction receipt. Pre-orders are being taken & limited prints are available. Each piece will be individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Find out more about the fundraising efforts here SGIFF 2021 is slated to run from 25th November to 5th December 2021. For more information about the SGIFF, visit their website here


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