Travel Time: Changi Recommends offers a suite of travel connectivity solutions for as low as $0.47 daily

The new Changi Travel eSIM completes Changi Recommends’ trifecta of travel connectivity solutions alongside its popular ChangiWiFi routers and trusted Overseas Prepaid SIM Cards. With tailored data solutions for different types of users and a dedicated team of 24/7 customer support, Changi Recommends’ Travel Data Suite reinforces its market leader position as the one-stop platform for all travel connectivity needs.

ChangiWiFi Routers: Unlimited Data, Multiple Devices

Synonymous with the Changi Recommends brand, ChangiWiFi’s portable light-weight WiFi routers remain a crowd favourite throughout the years, and for good reason.

Perfect for group travellers and users with multiple devices, a competitive edge of ChangiWiFi routers lies in its ability to connect to up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices at any given time, providing a simple solution to keep everyone connected at an affordable price. Additionally, ChangiWiFi routers offer unlimited data beyond its 500mb/day high speed data entitlement, allowing users to remain connected at managed speeds to perform essential actions such as texting and map referencing. ChangiWiFi recently launched its newest touchscreen iteration that allows network optimisation and features useful travel tools beyond just data, ensuring reliable and seamless Internet connectivity on the go.

Travellers may reserve a ChangiWiFi router online and collect it conveniently before their flight at Changi Recommends counters located across all four terminals in Changi Airport. No pre-payment or deposit is required during the booking process.

Changi Travel eSIM: Travel with Data in a Breeze

For the tech-savvy travellers who prefer the most hassle-free travel experience, they should certainly opt for the new Travel eSIM by Changi Recommends, which offers over 260 travel data packages to choose from. In its promise to provide the best travel experiences to its customers, Changi Recommends prides itself on being able to send customers their Changi Travel eSIM QR Code instantly via email upon purchase. To simplify the process further, customers are not required to download any external mobile applications to complete the activation process – activation is done with just a simple scan of the QR Code. This is especially helpful in situations where travellers have reached their destination and urgently require connectivity.

Travellers may conveniently skip any form of queuing and instantly receive the QR code for data activation when they make an online purchase here.

Overseas Prepaid SIM Card: Universally Compatible with No Bill Shocks

Universally compatible for all mobile devices, Changi Recommends’ Overseas Prepaid SIM Cards are best suited for the budget-cautious and for those who prefer a traditional travel SIM card with specific local country providers and local calls and text options. Travellers can avoid heavy international roaming charges and bill shocks as they are able to select their preferred plans according to their budget and travel needs. With the Overseas Prepaid SIM Card offering a more secure connectivity than public WiFi, travellers can also minimize unnecessary inconvenience and stress due to an unstable network or the risk of having their personal information compromised.

Beyond a retailer of SIM cards and data connectivity devices, Changi Recommends offers a unique proposition quite like no other – travellers are gifted with the convenience and assurance of being able to make last-minute purchases and collection at the airport, right before their flight. While other retailers commonly require a designated lead time for delivery or collection, customers of Changi Recommends have the flexibility to pick up their Overseas Prepaid SIM Cards anytime as the counters operate 24/7. This in turn, too, translates to cost savings from delivery fees.

Travellers may refer to the full listing of plans available and make an online purchase here.


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