Tipple Time: Ishizuchi Sake changes distributors in Singapore

In August 2021, Inter Rice Asia Pte Ltd became the official importer of Ishizuchi Sake. With their belief in carrying sakes from around Japan that best represent the specific areas around Japan, Ishizuchi perfectly encapsulates that mission, as one of the best representations of quality sake from Ehime, straight from the foot of Mt Ishizuchi. Previously, Ishizuchi was distributed by Emporium Shokuhin and they even had an Ishizuchi Bar in Marina Square. However, they were left without representation when the concept store shut down.

Inter Rice Asia will be carrying these 7 labels for a start and looking to expand into their
other labels in the near future.
1) Ishizuchi Junmai Muroka
2) Ishizuchi Junmaii Ginjo Midori
3) Ishizuchi Junmai Ginjo Yamadanishiki
4) Ishizuchi Junmai Ginjo Betsu Atsurae
5) Ishizuchi Junmai Daiginjo
6) Ishizuchi Junmai Daiginjo Masamune
7) Ishizuchi Junmai Daiginjo Vanquish
8) Ishizuchi Ginjo Natsugin – a seasonal special

On 25th August, Inter Rice will be hosting an on-nomi zoom session (#30) to celebrate the launch of the brand, Ishizuchi. The sake will be available on the website from 26th August. Participants will get to have a taste of the Vanquish, which is retailing on theartofsake.com at $238.

Junmai Daiginjo Vanquish sake

Founded in 1920 in Ehime prefecture, Ishizuchi Sake Brewery uses the extremely soft spring water “Uchinuki”. It is named after nearby Mount Ishizuchi, one of Japan’s seven sacred peaks. Ishizuchi makes great sake that is often recognised as winners of various sake competitions within and outside Japan. As far as possible, the brand uses local rice to make their sake, developed by cross-straining a heirloom rice and has a large grain with low protein content that can be polished to a very low level. This is exemplified with the brewery’s ultra premium Junmai Daiginjo Vanquish sake.

Ishizuchi Shuzo has always been a family-run business, and to date, continues to be run by the Ochi siblings and family. The person running the brewery is Hiroshi Ochi, while the Toji (or brewmaster) is his brother Minoru Ochi. Hiroshi’s wife also helps out with the daily operations in the company. Today, Ishizuchi has a production of around 180,000 Kilolitres, which is larger than the typical craft sake brewery. They believe that sake is not only about the ingredients, the best ingredients do not necessarily make the best sake.

Register for the Zoom session here More information on Ishizuchi here


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