Going Green: The International SeaKeepers Society host first ever The Ocean Collective Summit in Singapore

The International SeaKeepers Society have announced their line-up for The Ocean Collective Summit (TOCS), their first conference to be held in Singapore. TOCS is a programme initiated by The International SeaKeepers Society in cooperation with Fabien Cousteau; the Founder of The Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Centre and Proteus Ocean Group; and famed for his work as an Aquanaut, Oceanographic Explorer and Environmental Advocate. Cousteau will also be the keynote speaker for the conference that will be held at  ONE°15 Marina Club on 3 – 4 November 2022. TOCS is part of Blue Water EduFest 2022.

The ocean covers more than 70 percent of the surface of our planet and about 97 percent of the Earth’s water is found in our oceans*. Yet its intricate links to life and all the inhabitants of our planet Earth may not be clearly understood. While greater awareness has been brought about via widely circulated photos of sea life suffering the negative consequences of human behaviour, the initial shock from the photos are often quickly forgotten. TOCS aims to gather thought leaders to educate, raise awareness and inspire action to be taken, and work collectively towards a more sustainable future.

The conference will kick off with welcome addresses from Arthur Tay, Chairman of SUTL as well as Guest of Honour, Minister Desmond Lee, Ministry for National Development and Minister-in-Charge of Social Development. Jay Wade, Chairman of The International SeaKeepers Society, will also attend the conference alongside special guest speaker, H. E. Faisal Naseem, Vice President of the Republic of Maldives. The beautiful archipelagic state situated in the Indian Ocean faces acute threats due to the rising waters brought about by climate change and participants will be able to hear first-hand of the challenges faced by the people of Maldives. 

From an archipelagic state to an island state, the TOCS will also place an emphasis on Singapore with a large part of the conference of Day 1 dedicated to the Singapore Showcase. Bringing a sharp focus to the impact felt in local waters as well as presenting actions that can be taken. Speakers from various government boards and institutions will share facts and strategies to combat and reduce the effects of climate change on our oceans. Speakers include; Dr Karenne Tun, Director of the Coastal and Marine and Terrestrial Branches, National Biodiversity Centre, National Parks Board (NParks); Dr Steven Fong, Programme Chair DMAC, Republic Polytechnic; and Hazri Hassan, Divisional Director, International Policy Division, Ministry Sustainability and Environment. 

Other key speakers on Day 1 include; Cousteau who will present and discuss global developments in ocean sustainability as well as how humans can make a difference in ocean sustainability; Carol Phua, Global Coral Reef Initiative Leader, WWF Oceans Practice, who will share her knowledge in her presentation, “Surviving the Climate Crisis in the Heart of Ocean Biodiversity”; and Anna Marsden, Managing Director, Great Barrier Reef Foundation, will close the first day of the conference with her thoughts on how partnerships from both the corporate and government sectors are crucial in ensuring healthy oceans.

The second day of the conference explores how corporate citizens maintain the balance between commercial requirements and responsibility to the environment. Speakers from some of the world’s most established brands, such as Citi Private Bank, SDAX ,Archwey and VE Capital and Company, will share how their organisations in line with their respective business interests,  provide solutions towards achieving sustainability. These speakers will also elaborate on their partnerships with the various environmental groups and how they raise awareness of these efforts, including through media platforms and stakeholder communications.

“For yacht owners and lovers of water sports, the ocean is our playground. The International SeaKeepers Society’s key mission is to have our members pool together resources to help facilitate marine research and conservation. The Ocean Collective Summit is another platform for us to further our work and to continue to educate the youth of today and bring a general awareness of ecological issues to the forefront,” said Jay Wade, Chairman and President, The International SeaKeepers Society.

As part of the plan to equip future generations with the necessary information gleaned from the various stakeholders and entities involved in conservation efforts, The International SeaKeepers Society will award a huge portion of tickets to marine science enthusiasts and students from various tertiary institutions. 

Julian Chang, President, The International SeaKeepers Society, Asia, added, “It gives me great honour to host The Ocean Collective Summit in Singapore. I strongly believe in helping our next generations become better stewards of the oceans and one of the ways to achieve this is through education and awareness. We have gathered pioneers and experts who will generously share their knowledge and findings during the conference. It will give us a better understanding of ecological issues and hopefully lead the greater community in taking action to help protect our future.

More information available here


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